Torrent games | or top 10 countries where gamers don`t give a heck. Just kidding.

The results of downloading torrent games in 2016.

Muso – a company that is engaged in the creation of software anti-piracy technology. Here top 10 “torrent games” counties.

So their analysts conducted a study to identify countries with a high level of piracy.

Based on the results of the information evaluation for 2016, the company compiled a list of 10 countries. Countries in which illegal content is downloaded most often.

Well, in fact, the editors are not even surprised, the list includes countries with low personal capital income. Belarus, Ukraine, and Georgia. Nevertheless, to the surprise of the cyber police analysts, the list was rich enough countries like Singapore and Israel. Well, if you are rich, then do not waste your money on these licenses.

List of 10 countries with the highest level of piracy. YOO HO HO:

  1. Belarus
  2. Lithuania
  3. Georgia
  4. Ukraine
  5. Latvia.
  6. Romania
  7. Poland
  8. Estonia
  9. Singapore
  10. Israel

Pirate downloading



Traditionally, piracy is considered to be higher in countries with low income. It is logical. However, in Singapore believe that buying digital products is not kosher. 9th place in 2016 and one of the highest per capita income indicators.

Each person here has almost 52 thousand dollars, a little behind our neighbor from the south – the United States.

In general, analysts shake the air again. It is said that the level of visiting pirate sites is declining globally. On personal PCs, the level of visits to pirated resources – fell, but on mobile phones remained the same.

In fact, the problem of torrent games is not so much a problem just to take your eyes off the lagging software which is now being put on all games.

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