Project 7 it is like 2 budgets of game Witcher 3, but not sure.

Unthinkable budget of interactive movie game Project 7 for 7.5 million.

Hello, reader! We understand that we haven’t been around for 4 days. We sat and understood that the marasmus was growing stronger with Project 7.

It’s no secret that the Finnish studio Remedy has been working on a new movie game for a long time under the code name Project7. Even the unannounced game has already acquired a publisher.

People walk on thin ice. The publisher is IT 505 GAMES, which published Payday 2 and several other less known games. But guys decide to break the jackpot. Remedy signed a partnership with 505

Under the terms, the Italians are investing Project7 in the amount of 7,750,000 EUR. God sake it`s 2 WITCHER 3 games. This money should go to the development of the project of Remedy. The game should go not only on the PC but also on the consoles. It will be a movie with a third-person action with a setting of the “new universe“. According to P7, gamers will be pleased with the “most profound” game mechanics. It sounds cool, but how will it happen – only God knows. It remains only to wait for the release.

The opinion of editorial staff.

It`s not wise to invest 7 million in the game that has been created since your first day of school.

There are a couple of questions:

What happens if the game will fail before cash-up?

What happens if the game comes out morally obsolete because it’s been done for a long time? Yes yes yes hello L.A. NOIRE

What will happen If Remedy is the same as the development of One Man Sky, although it`s unlikely.

In fact, it’s a bad idea to initially throw money into the unknown and hope that the game in the genre of an interactive movie game will be released.

Glory time of this genre came and went with a single game of “Heavy Rain”

Let’s see what happens after the release and the first gameplays.

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