Overwatch celebrates its one year anniversary

Overwatch celebrates the anniversary: a free weekend, the publication “Game of the Year”, a new event and more

Overwatch is one year old. Blizzard Entertainment is going to celebrate the birthday of the game on a grand scale: the company is preparing a lot of events that will please both beginners and hardcore players who sat on the cart for more than one hundred hours.

The authors published a video “Thank you, heroes!” With the best moments of the past year – new maps, heroes, events, competitions, cosplay and creativity from the community. And at the end, the players announced the date: celebrations in the game will be held from May 23 to June 12.

What exactly prepared Blizzard, at the moment is unknown. But there is gossip about plans for the coming months. At a closed event for video blog managers Head Overwatch Jeff Kaplan (allegedly confirmed that the developers will re-run all the events: “Summer Games”, “Revenge of Krysenstein” and others.

This is mostly devoted to the second year of the game, with repeated events, most likely, will somehow be improved. Perhaps you will have another chance to get that same sexy skin for Angel, if he did not get caught earlier. However, public announcements from Blizzard have not yet been.

In addition, on May 23, Overwatch will publish the publication “Game of the Year.”

By filling it is almost identical to Origins Edition: you will be presented with several exclusive skins for Overwatch, as well as items for Hearthstone, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm. The only difference between the “Game of the Year” and Origins Edition is an additional dozen containers with cosmetics for Overwatch. “Game of the Year” will replace the sale of Origins Edition.

Blizzard will also add new things to the shooter. Quite a long time ago the main inflow of cosmetics falls on the “events”, but the company this time wants to enrich the standard boxes that are distributed constantly. Blizzard again dispenses with the specifics, but Jeff Kaplan promises animations with a laugh and sitting for Orisa and Sombra, as well as a sarcastic shrug for the Reaper – he was first shown in the comic book for the “Mutiny” event. Fans quickly fell in love with the gesture, and the developers went on about the community.

Finally, from 26 to 30 May Overwatch will again become free on all platforms. As usual, freeloaders are available all the cards, heroes, modes and even an event dedicated to the anniversary of the game. They will not be allowed to enter the competitive mode only. If you buy the full version, the accumulated progress will continue. The consoles require Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and on the PC – only the Battle.net account.

In a conversation with Polygon, Jeff Kaplan also dwelt in greater detail on why Blizzard canceled the graphic novel The First Strike. Comics was going to talk about the prehistory of the world of Overwatch. According to Kaplan, the illustrations and script in the book were wonderful. But Blizzard noticed that the community came up with and thought out their interesting ideas about the universe of the game. Many of them after the release of the “First Strike” would have to be hacked.

Blizzard decided that fans should not be severely restricted in creativity. Like, part of the magic Overwatch – just in conjectures and collective digging in the lore.

But this, of course, does not mean that Blizzard lets the plot of the shooter into free swimming – pieces of the puzzle will still be released.

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