Mass Effect Andromeda and all ME series was stoped by BioWare

Mass Effect Andromeda is screw up so hard.

The world of gaming is a noisy and restless place. Scandals here – not uncommon. Then another release “will please” gamers curvature and bugs, then an independent developer will promise to kill Gabe Newell. But such a large-scale scandal, which is flaring up now, was not long ago.

Today we are watching several things at once. First, for how Mass Effect perishes, the most famous sci-fi franchise of the last decade. Secondly, for how the evil empire of Electronic Arts finally finishes BioWare, once one of the most experienced developers of role-playing games. However, about everything in order.

Why Mass Effect Andromeda is a complete failure

The original Mass Effect trilogy is widely considered a masterpiece. Of course, it is not without flaws. For example, in the first part of the gameplay, going beyond the main story, it may seem somewhat monotonous and tedious. And the endings of the third part disappointed many players with their linearity and left a bad aftertaste. But we can not deny that the original trilogy was fascinating, the plot – exciting, and the characters – alive.

Dialogues themselves are short and banal, as if the writers wrote them simply for a tick. However, others do not have to wait, because the characters of the game have become completely empty. Do you remember the heroes of the original trilogy? In each of them was a highlight. In our team was a disappointed cop, ready to do justice with a sniper rifle. There was a scientist, tormented by remorse. There was a leader of a militant tribe who decided to abandon the eternal war. The player was motivated to approach these characters in order to discover in the dialogues a bit more of their past.

Remembered? And now forget about all this. In Mass Effect Andromeda there are no interesting characters. All the characters here are a set of cliches. The soldier will behave like a typical soldier, a scientist – as a typical scientist. The characters of Mass Effect Andromeda are devoid of individuality, just like the game itself.

Well, maybe we have a fascinating gameplay? And here not. The gameplay has become really boring. The developers tried to abandon the limited locations of the past games of the series in favor of the open world. The world, and the truth, turned out to be open. Prepare to endlessly ride around on the machine with a curved control to scan another piece of stone, for which you will be given precious “eyeglasses of the researcher.”

Mass Effect is dead.

Studio BioWare suspended work on the continuation of the series Mass Effect. At the same time, BioWare Montreal, which is the developer of Mass Effect: Andromeda, has become a support studio for other projects. About this Kotaku told anonymous sources. In BioWare Montreal, owned by Electronic Arts (EA), there were massive reductions, the remaining employees will produce patches for Mass Effect: Andromeda and support the project. Own team can not do their own projects.

In addition, a number of employees were transferred to EA Motive to work on Star Wars Battlefront II and other EA studios. In BioWare confirmed this information, but did not begin to tell what would happen to Mass Effect in the future. It is assumed that the series will be frozen for several years.

The science fiction trilogy Mass Effect came out from 2007 to 2012. Its action unfolded in the future, when mankind mastered intergalactic flights and established contact with other intelligent races.

Mass Effect: Andromeda left on March 21 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and became the fourth game in the cult action / RPG series. According to representatives of EA, the game did not live up to expectations due to a protracted development cycle.

But who is to blame for this?

The question is rather rhetorical. If you follow the news of the game world, then you know that back in 2007 BioWare studio was bought by a powerful corporation Electronic Arts (EA). EA is known for its ability to squeeze all the juices from the purchased studios and eventually close them. Under the leadership of the corporation, the Maxis studio, responsible for the birth of the Sims series, was killed. Closed Origin Systems, gave the world the universe Ultima. Closed the legendary Pandemic and Westwood. Gamers joke that Electronic Arts ruins everything, what it touches. And, unfortunately, this joke is not so far from the truth.

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