The Surge – Dead Space and Dark Souls child.

If you like hardcore gaming and breaking your keyboard then The Surge is for you.

Studio Deck 13 released a fresh video in which we were told about the key features of The Surge. Developers call their project a hardcore action-RPG. And focuses on one-on-one fights. Well, we hope it will be the way they say. But we know how developers love to say nice things to us and afterward shit in gamers souls. Let`s hope this game will be as badass as a movie game Project 7.

The setting of the game:

The land of the near future, where mankind suffers from the dominance of technology and the harmful influence of corporations on the environment. We will play for Warren, an employee of CREO, which is trying to solve the global problems of this world. So the plot is nothing new, but anyway, at this time it`s very hard to impress a gamer with an interesting plot.

The Surge features:

The main feature of the Surge combat system is a detachment of the enemy’s limbs and the ability to craft various equipment from them. So you can cut your enemies in parts and make a necklace for your crush, pretty cool. A special aiming system will allow you to find weak points of the opponent and to fight your enemies more effectively.  And to make the battles in the game look realistic. The developers recorded a special animation of the fighting movements, in which the real stuntmen took part. We hope no stuntmen were harmed and let`s wait until this hardcore game will come out. Get ready for total annihilation and prepare your nerves for this amazing ride with blood and violence.

The Surge is released on the PC and consoles on May 16th.

And here is a short video guys:


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